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Digital Outdoors

Helping you capture all your outdoor adventures by reviewing the latest and most popular camera gear and accessories. With years of experience in drone photography and video, along with testing the most popular cameras out in the field, Digital Outdoors aims to help you create amazing video content from all your outdoor explorations. With budget in mind, we focus on the most affordable equipment that produces the best quality content and offers an easy to use experience. Along with camera products and accessories, Digital Outdoors highlights the most essential hiking and camping equipment available for your next journey.

Creating Professional Content from all Your Outdoor Adventures

Providing you with tutorials, video samples and reviews of the best equipment that’s been tried and tested.


Tutorials and videos to help you create the best content possible. From video techniques in the field to post processing work on your computer, there’s something for everyone to learn.


Reviewing the top video equipment and accessories designed specifically for your style, while directing you to the best prices available.


Digital Outdoors covers the top camping & hiking areas around and highlights some of the most popular equipment needed for your next adventure.

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