Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak: How you can get Prized Pelts

Your journey actually begins in any Monster Hunter sport after you have crushed the primary story and begin working your method up via the Grasp Ranks. As you get larger up within the rankings, the harder your hunts will get, not solely requiring extra information and talent, however much better weapons and kit to your character, too. The sequence has at all times had the circulation of searching monsters, gathering supplies, crafting higher gear, after which searching more durable monsters, and that continues to be true for Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak.

Alongside the brand new space and monsters, there are many new supplies added in Sunbreak that you will want to collect to craft the latest and strongest gear. Some will be picked up within the environments, whereas others like Prized Pelts must be carved from smaller monsters in sure elements of the map. As a result of the brand new space is sort of massive, and there is at all times an opportunity you will not get a cloth drop in your first carve, it may be arduous to pinpoint the place precisely to get sure issues. Here is precisely how one can get Prized Pelts in Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak.

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How you can farm Prized Pelts from Kelbi

There are two smaller monsters in Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak which have an opportunity at dropping Prized Pelts, the primary of that are the deer-looking Kelbi. Here is one of the simplest ways to farm them for this materials.

Step 1: Enter the Shrine Ruins space and fast-travel to Sub-Camp 1.

Step 2: Journey between areas 11, 12, and 13 in a form of circle. There needs to be round half a dozen on this path so that you can kill so long as there aren’t every other large monsters in these zones to scare them away.

Step 3: Assuming you are in Grasp Rank, every Kebli you carve may have a 30% probability to drop a Prized Pelt.

A map of the frost islands.

How you can farm Prized Pelts from Anteka

The opposite monsters to hunt for that may drop Prized Pelt are the big-horned Anteka. Here is one of the simplest ways to farm them.

Step 1: Go into the Frost Islands and begin in Space 1.

Step 2: That is the one space this monster has been noticed in, so roam round right here again and again whereas wiping them out.

Step 3: Anteka needs to be your backup possibility for farming Prized Pelts since they’ve worse drop charges. They’ll solely drop in Grasp Rank at a price of 18%, which is simply over half the speed of the Kebli.

Prized Pelts can be utilized to make all the next armor and Buddy Gear:

  • Khezu Coil X
  • Leather-based Headgear X
  • Kadachi Greaves X
  • Hunter’s Helm X
  • Bone Vampraces X
  • Volvidon Mail X
  • Leather-based Gloves X
  • Lagombi Helm X
  • Hunter’s Greaves X
  • Lagombi Coil X
  • Izuchi Coil X

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